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Smiling crew making bouquets in the barn


At Roots, we seek to celebrate the natural beauty of every season via a sustainable and viable enterprise in our hometown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Woman-owned and family-focused since 2007, we believe strong roots grow strong flowers.

We Believe In...


What is seasonally in bloom is inherently the most beautiful.  The ephemeral beauty of flowers is what draws us to them.  Forcing blooms out of season denies them of this fleeting, precious trait.  We celebrate each season’s unique and transient nature through flowers.


We grow using sustainable farming practices, and we strive to make the best choices we can in regards to our environment, our time, our finances and our family.


Living an uncluttered, unencumbered life is a modern challenge.  Farming is all consuming…so we seek to peel away everything that is not central to our mission or our values, always staying close to our Roots. 


One of the beautiful blessings of this enterprise is the amazing relationships we've developed with our staff.  They are salt and light, and our lives are richer due to these bonds.  We work very hard every day, and we laugh every single day.

Experience a Day at Roots

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