Credit: Jeffrey B. Roth

Michelle Elston, founder and owner, has loved plants and flowers for as long as she can remember. After studying plant science at Cornell University, she and her husband, Mike, moved to Massachusetts. There, they bought a garden center and stayed for 9 years. But after the birth of their first child, they realized that the best place to raise their kids was close to family roots.

So, they sold the garden center and moved back to Michelle's hometown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Time and space soon opened up for her to pursue her dream of farming. What started as a small garden has evolved into a 10-acre farm that produces enough flowers for more than 25,000 supermarket bouquets and numerous events annually. Now, 14 years later, she realizes she never imagined her seed of an idea would turn into such a thriving small business.


Behind the Scenes at Roots

Behind the Scenes at Roots

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Even with such growth, Michelle's flower philosophy has remained a simple one: to celebrate the natural beauty of every season in South Central Pennsylvania. Flowers are grown sustainably and selected based on their ability to thrive in the region. All of Roots' bouquets and arrangements are created using only what is grown on the farm. Rather than trendy, the results are timeless designs that are fresh, lush and unique.


Michelle is grateful every single day to be doing what she loves the most. Her business is called Roots for two reasons...because it all started from coming home to her family roots and because she believes that strong roots grow strong flowers. She currently lives on the farm with Mike and their two kids, Jake and Lucy.

We Believe In...

Local Economy

We strive to do all of our sales within a 100-mile radius of Carlisle, PA, and we employ local people who live here. Being a part of our local economy builds relationships and stability in our community. We believe that strong roots make strong plants, strong families and strong communities.


We grow using sustainable farming practices, and we strive to make the best choices we can in regards to our environment, our time, our finances and our family. 

Simplicity & Balance

We sometimes choose to do things the hard way because it really may be the best way. Living an uncluttered, unencumbered life is a modern challenge.  Farming is all consuming... we desperately seek a balance between work and play, work and family, work and rest.


Currently, we have 12 people working on this farm in addition to our family.  The original vision was quite a bit simpler!  One of the beautiful blessings of this expansion is the amazing relationships we've developed with our staff.  They are salt and light, and our lives are richer due to these bonds.  We work very hard every day, and we laugh every single day. 

Roots dried flower wreaths
Bright bouquets for Wegmans
Poppies in the greenhouse
Fantail willow
Wheelbarrow of lisianthus
Full wheelbarrows!
Owner Michelle with crew
Michelle Elston and Nina Elston
Roots crew
Fresh Roots bouquets
Roots crew
Roots crew and tulip bulbs
Greenhouse cabbages