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Celebrate Beauty in Every Season

Abundant and ever-changing...our favorite bloom is what's growing on our Pennsylvania farm each day. Whether you need a lush bouquet from your favorite local shop or a party bucket overflowing with flowers and greens, join us in being inspired by the beauty of every season.

Bouquets on carts with employees surrounded by mountains of flowers

About Us

Michelle Elston started Roots in 2007 as a tiny farm just outside of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. With a commitment to growing sustainably, sharing beauty, and working with the land and seasons, the goal was a simple one: have meaningful and viable horticultural work while raising her young children.

Growing beyond her wildest dreams, Roots now includes a team of more than 15 people who farm alongside Michelle on 10 beautiful acres of rolling, rocky land.  With fields and processes geared toward production, we grow flowers for over 27,000 bouquets and 450 bulk buckets every year. Even though Roots flowers can now be found at shops and events across Pennsylvania, our commitment to sustainability, beauty and seasonality remains.

Find Our Flowers

Buy Roots at your favorite local shop, through pre-ordered buckets, or at events held on and off the farm. We select content for our buckets and bouquets based on what's looking best the day of harvest...we love seeing what's new and lovely each week of our growing season. More details below!


*Sorry, we do not offer: wedding design, u-pick or photo shoots.

Please check with your local florist for wedding work or residential delivery.

Support Our Retail Partners

Without a storefront, we rely on the partnerships of our wonderful local friends to stock Roots bouquets.
(Be sure to double-check shop hours and bouquet availability.)
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Farmer Michelle speaking to tour group on the farm

For Flower Farmers

Michelle’s consulting passion centers around the business side of flower farming and navigating self-employment: balancing family/farm, profitability and metrics, and increasing production.  Aimed toward experienced growers, these consultations are designed to take your flower farm to the next level.

Consult with Michelle

We also offer annual field tours led by Michelle that are geared toward professional flower farmers.


And above all, be sure to join the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

Check for Upcoming Growers Tours

Bouquets with bright colors and eucalyptus in brown paper wrap

Subscribe to Seasonal Beauty

Subscriptions for our 2024 Bouquet Club are now open! Treat yourself or someone special to locally-grown, deluxe bouquets available in monthly or weekly sessions. Spots are limited.

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