At Roots, we only use what we grow on our farm in South Central Pennsylvania. Check out the gallery below to get a better idea of what we might have growing each month.


Interested in using local, seasonal flowers for your event? Learn more about our DIY loose flower buckets and designed event options.

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The much-anticipated gems of spring are sweet, soft and delicate.  Our designs focus on tulips this time of year: we grow 10,000 of them in every shape and color! There are also flowering trees, shrubs and other bulbs in bloom.


June brings everyone's favorite... peonies! It's a variable month, when the perennials and greenhouse crops really shine and the color palette tends toward softer spring colors. The weather dictates what will be in bloom each week, but it doesn't matter because it's all fresh and vibrant.


July celebrates the first of the hot summer annuals, plus our charming lisianthus! It's the transition season from sweet pastels to deep, saturated hues of summer, and we can fulfill pretty much any color palette during this vibrant and diverse month.


August is our month of abundance! The farm is bursting at the seams this time of year. This month is when we make the most supermarket bouquets: over 1,500 per week went out our door last year!  Farmers and plants alike are abuzz during this busy and exciting time.


September is a big wedding month at Roots. We love September events... they can focus on vibrant summer flowers, early autumn hues or romantic pastels. There is still great abundance on the farm as the annuals continue to shine and new fall crops come into season.


This is the month when the light is spectacular. The fields literally glow in their last hurrah of the year. We often have our first frost in October, so availability is dependent on how cool the nights are, but there's always something great either from our fields or the greenhouse. The dahlias come into their glory, the fall grains are abundant, and the celosias give their absolute best this month.


November: the very end of our fresh flower season. Our design work this month often features a mix of fresh flowers from the high tunnel as well as pods, grains and other flowers we've dried throughout the season. We especially love making Thanksgiving just feels like the right way to say "thank you" to the land for another season of bounty.


Although December is mainly focused on our ever-popular Christmas wreaths, some of our very favorite weddings have been during this month.  Greens, berries, twigs, cabbages and pods all work together to create our signature lush look that celebrates winter. 


Our loose bucket availability changes throughout the seasons.  Each week presents its own new delights.  If you're someone who loves diversity, abundance, value, creativity and surprise, this could be a great option for you.

Roots is not open to the public. But we'd love to see you at one of our Pop-Up Shops! You can also find our bouquets in season at our favorite locations.

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